Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection is available to our members who have temporary and unforeseen difficulty making ends meet.  This protection is designed to be short-term and used only when it is most needed.  This service allows WestEdge® to consider making payments for your overdraft items to stores or individuals.

8 Reasons You'll Appreciate Overdraft Protection

  1. You made an honest mistake balancing your checkbook and now you're short funds.
  2. A deposit that you expected becomes delayed.
  3. Unforeseen expenses drained your account balance.
  4. Your chances of paying expensive merchant returned-check fees are limited.
  5. You may avoid the embarrassment of a "bounced" check.
  6. You have greater flexibiliy for managing your money.
  7. Added convenience.
  8. Other than the expense of a non-sufficient fund charge or transfer fee (as set forth in the fee schedule), there are no additional fees for this service.

Because we offer multiple forms of Overdraft Protection, from a simple account transfer to protection tied to a credit account. Please speak with a Financial Service Representative to review your options.