WestEdge Debit CardDebit Card

The WestEdge® Visa Debit Card is fast, easy and convenient. Our cards are accepted worldwide anywhere you see the VISA logo displayed.

Receive your Visa Debit Card FREE with any WestEdge® Checking Account! It works just like a check for purchases or cash. Transactions are debited directly from your checking account. You can also get cash back at checkout when you use your Debit Card to make a purchase.

To report lost or stolen WestEdge® Debit Cards:
(360) 734-5790   (M-F 9a-5:30p)
1-800-554-8969  (After Hours & Holidays)

Looking for the convenience of a VISA card without opening a checking account, and without the hassle of credit?  Try our...

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The VISA Prepaid Card can be loaded with funds from any account at the credit union to use for goods and services anywhere VISA is accepted. With the look and feel of a traditional debit card and without the worry of overdrawing your checking account.  Learn More »